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Third WCO Global Origin Conference: 2023

Building Trust in the Origin Environment
  In Santiago, Chile
  8-9 November 2023

The National Customs Service of Chile will host the Third Global Origin Conference to be held on 8-9 November 2023 in Santiago. This event will be organized jointly with the World Customs Organisation under the sponsorship of Korea Customs Service.

This international conference will bring together representatives from most of the Customs Administrations around the world, authorities of governmental institutions, experts from international organisations and civil society leaders, with the aim of establishing a dialogue on the challenges and benefits that rules of origin bring to the development of international trade.

Why Chile? 

Chile is characterised by its extensive network of trade agreements, with rules of origin being one of the main tools for their implementation and access to their benefits. The National Customs Service plays a strategic role in regulating access to the tariff benefits determined by these rules. 

This international event is a unique opportunity to strengthen links with Customs Administrations within the region and the rest of the world, bringing the entrepreneurial citizens closer to an exchange of experiences and learning in the field of rules of origin by leading national and international experts.

Opportunities for Customs Administrations 

Participating in an event such as the Third WCO Global Origin Conference is an excellent opportunity for Customs, and the foreign trade community in general, to be at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations and to discuss the most pressing issues with global specialists in the field. 

The importance of the Rules of Origin

  • They are an essential tool for the proper implementation of preferential agreements, significantly affecting their degree of use.  
  • The aim is that the benefits negotiated with each trading partner are effectively perceived by the trade exchanged with that economy. 
  • Their proper implementation promotes trade development and encourages investment. 
  • The most modern provisions take into account the evolution of production systems, logistical models and technological developments, contributing to greater efficiency along value chains. 
  • The modernisation of rules of origin is essential for the Chilean economy to reap the full potential benefits of its vast network of trade agreements.


  • International organisations related to world trade 
  • National and international ministries and governmental institutions 
  • Business and trade associations, both national and international 
  • National and international research centres 
  • Experts and professionals in the field of foreign trade 
  • Academics and students in the field of foreign trade 



We look forward to your participation in this important event!

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