Gabriela Landeros Servicio Nacional de Aduanas

Lawyer with a degree in Legal Science from the University of Valparaíso, and with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Control an Intellectual and Industrial Property from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and Santiago, respectively. From 2014 until her appointment in April 2017 as Technical Sub-Director of the National Customs Service, she was Head of the General Rules Sub-Department of aforementioned Sub-Directorate. Previously, she was in charge of the Sub-Department of Origin of the Technical Sub-Directorate, a unit she led since its creation in 2012, and also served as legal advisor to the Department of International Affairs and the Regional Directorate of the Metropolitan Customs. During her professional career, she has represented the National Customs Service in: the Technical Subcommittee on Innovation in Ports and their Logistics. the Committee on Rules of Origin of the World Customs Organisation. the Administrator Committees of the Free Trade Agreements signed with China, European Union, Turkey, EFTA, Peru, Colombia, among others. She also represented the Customs Service in the negotiations of the International Treaties of Vietnam, Hong Kong, Turkey, Thailand, TPP and the Pacific Alliance. Her training includes the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the United States Department of State and the specialisation course on "Postal items and Counterfeiting", French La Poste Group and Customs, Paris, France.

Day 1: Wednesday 8 November 2023

Time Session
Mette Werdelin Azzam Speaker World Customs Organization
Willie Shumba Speaker AfCFTA
Michael Lawrence Speaker National Clothing Retail Federation
N'dri Yves Roland Tia Speaker DOUANES DE CÔTE D'IVOIRE
Sebastian Agustino Macias Speaker DG TAXUD / European Commission
Gabriela Landeros Speaker Servicio Nacional de Aduanas